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Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović

Male trafficking in Serbia

Izdavač:  Prometej Beograd
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ISBN:  978-86-82363-97-2
Povez:  Mek
Pismo:  Latinica
Broj strana:  301
Popust: 10.00%
880,00 din. 792,00 din.



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"In the last decades the problem of trafficking in persons came to the attention of the academic and professional public; important international documents were brought, and national mechanisms for combating this type of crime and for the assistance and protection of the victims were advanced. A great effort has been put into the improvement of uncovering and prosecuting of trafficking cases, as well as of identification, assistance and protection of the victims in Serbia as well. Nonetheless, similarly as worldwide, the emphasis in Serbia was on the research and the improvement of social responses related to trafficking in women and girls, while dealing with male victims was rather rare and marginal..."


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